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Re: OT: Amazon DRM-free MP3 Downloads

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 09:12:14AM -0500, cothrige wrote:
> Has anyone used this yet?  I bought a few tunes, just to try it out, and
> it went quite smoothly.  Just being able to use it with Iceweasel (no
> user-agent spoofing either) on Debian without any complaint or glitch
> was really nice.  And the files sounded great (256K bitrate) and there
> was actually a surprisingly not awful selection.  I would have thought
> there would have been more hooplah out there about this, but so far
> haven't noticed much commentary online.  Maybe I should finally start
> reading blogs?


I know. I'm sick. please help me.


My understanding is that it works just fine with linux for individual
tracks, but not for the full album which requires their special
downloader. but that's hearsay from the above articles.


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