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Re: Random System Crashes

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 12:51:24AM -0400, Michael Pobega wrote:
> Lately (For the past month or so) I've been experiencing random system
> crashes. My system would just completely lock up and not respond to
> anything but a power-down (I've tried switching to TTY1, among other
> things, but nothing works).
> I don't even know where to start diagnosing this problem...I'm looking
> for help on where to start. ANY help would be appreciated.
> If you need any more information just ask, besides the fact that I'm
> running Debian Lenny with a teeny bit of Sid (amd64 as well).

Well, that teeny bit could be a problem.  

It's likely related to some piece of hardware; not necessarily a
hardware problem but perhaps a problem with with a driver.

The first culpret to check would be X.  Try booting single-user and then
su - to a normal user and use the system (edit some files, run lynx,
whatever) and see if it locks up.  Try setting the system to not boot
into X (get a normal text login: instead).  Then use the system.

Try removing/disconnecting any hardware you don't need: printers, USB
devices other than keyboard/mouse, etc.  Then reboot.  Does it lock up
with fewer devices installed (and therefore fewer modules loaded by

Install smartmontools and check your drives.

Check /proc/interrupts and match up what devices are using the highest
interrrupt counts.  


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