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Re: Printer setup problem in Etch

On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 08:31:16PM -0400, Bob C wrote:
> I am having a difficult time getting my printer to work on Etch with
> CUPS 1.2.7. When I print a page from Openoffice the printer responds,
> but prints a line of meaningless symbols.

I had hoped that doing regular updates on my system, which is now Lenny,
would eventually solve the problem, but it still would not print until

I finally found how to fix the problem after reading this report of Bug
#38805 in Debian. They found the parallel port settings in the bios were
involved in the problem.

I checked my bios setup and under Parellel Port Mode found four choices.
Normal, Bi-directional, EPP and ECP. I experienced the printer problem
with the bios set to ECP. 

When I choose Normal, the printer now works.

Bob C

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