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Re: [Off Topic] Sourceforge putting MS ads in developer emails

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On 10/02/07 17:42, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> [2007 Oct 02 17:30 -0500]:
>> 1) sf needs to pay for electricity, servers and bandwidth.
>> 2) *Many* of the projects hosted on sf run on Windows.
> Fine, I understand that.  They can host advertisements on their Web
> pages and on the project pages they create, that's not my gripe.  But
> to shove it into the developer emails is absurd.

How much do you pay for this service?

>                                                   Where are they going
> to start mucking around in next?  And since they have sole control of
> the CVS/SVN repositories AND they've obviously cozied up to MS, that
> opens a nice gateway into planting patented code into some high-profile
> projects.

> Before someone says, "They'd never do that!"  Do you think MS cares
> one whit about Sourceforge other than to destroy it?  Do they care one
> whit about the ISO standards process?

What's forcing you to host your project on Sourceforge?

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