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Re: [Off Topic] Sourceforge putting MS ads in developer emails

* Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> [2007 Oct 02 17:30 -0500]:

> 1) sf needs to pay for electricity, servers and bandwidth.
> 2) *Many* of the projects hosted on sf run on Windows.

Fine, I understand that.  They can host advertisements on their Web
pages and on the project pages they create, that's not my gripe.  But
to shove it into the developer emails is absurd.  Where are they going
to start mucking around in next?  And since they have sole control of
the CVS/SVN repositories AND they've obviously cozied up to MS, that
opens a nice gateway into planting patented code into some high-profile

Before someone says, "They'd never do that!"  Do you think MS cares
one whit about Sourceforge other than to destroy it?  Do they care one
whit about the ISO standards process?

- Nate >>

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