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Re: capping the apt-getting of packages from ftp.xy.debian.org to < 50KBps?

> I gather that you've tried several different mirrors, right? What kind
> of d/l speed do you get using any of the free bandwidth testers?

Well I went to speedtest.net (I don't know if that's a good one or
not!). They gave me 275Kbps down and 354Kbps up (that's bits this
time!). Those figures look the wrong way around but it seems i have
more upstream than downstream (i tested it twice).

The thing is when I use a download accelerator (parallel downloads) to
download say eclipse ornetbeans. My download speed is more or less
alright(100-150KBytes/sec). So I guess maybe I'm just fighting it out
with with people doing lots of p2p.

There doesn't seem to be a nice way of integrating apt-get with axel.
I've only seen people doing apt-get in two stages with axel (in short
get the dependencies from apt-get, then download with axel, then
install with apt-get). I found a shell script someone wrote to
automate this called apt-axel, but it didn't work for me.

> its not a big deal and once setup, then the second machine to d/l a
> package gets it pretty much instantly. Couple that with machines
> running cron-apt and you you pretty much never see a real download,
> only the cached copies. I am using approx. ymmv.

I might give it a go if my connection stays this poor. I have one
spare machine (it's noisy mind!).

Thanks for the replies.

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