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Re: capping the apt-getting of packages from ftp.xy.debian.org to < 50KBps?

On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 10:07:17AM +0100, Frank Wilson wrote:
> I seem to find it hard to get a decent speed for any of the ftp
> archive mirrors. I've tried using net-select but I rarely get over
> 50KBps and often get less than 30KBps (big B stands for bytes here!).
> I have considered using axel instead of wget with apt-get (to increase
> my download speed by downloading in parallel), but if debian is
> capping the download speed on its servers by this much then I would
> not like to "hammer" them by trying to circumvent the cap.

I gather that you've tried several different mirrors, right? What kind
of d/l speed do you get using any of the free bandwidth testers? 

> I only have a couple of computers running debian so running a local
> mirror might be a bit overkill.

its not a big deal and once setup, then the second machine to d/l a
package gets it pretty much instantly. Couple that with machines
running cron-apt and you you pretty much never see a real download,
only the cached copies. I am using approx. ymmv.

> Are downloads from the debian package archive capped? Is there an apt
> setting I may have missed? It could be my isp, but I'd like to rule
> these out before I spend a fortune on their tech support line. 8-)

I doubt its an apt setting. most likely you're hitting some
bottle-neck between you and the repository. I don't know if any of the
repositories are capped, but depending on when you do stuff, they may
just be getting hit pretty hard. There are lots of variables in the
transaction and it'd be hard to pin down much beyond those things
*you* have control of -- local network settings, choice of repo, etc.

there used to be an app called apt-spy that would test the repos and
find the fastest one for you, but i *think* its dead ATM. 


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