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Re: FLOSS support for signed PDFs

Celejar writes:
> I installed the linux tarball (as a non-priveleged user, and to a
> non-standard location under $HOME, to minimize pollution), and dropped
> the plugin (nppdf.so) into $HOME/.mozilla/plugins (I'm using IW), which
> was enough for the website to accept my system as having Acrobat
> installed.

So the first thing that is needed for outfits like you bank is a plugin
that causes Firefox/Iceweasel to lie and say that Acroread is available.

> I haven't yet tried to open a downloaded PDF in Acrobat since I'm
> reluctant to agree to the EULA.

What happens when you open them with Evice or Xpdf?  Should work.
John Hasler

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