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Re: Recommended MPLAYER config for old computers

On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 01:16:51AM -0700, Amit Uttamchandani wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Trying to use mplayer to watch DVDs but it is quite slow. A lot of
> artifacts and buffering. Quite unwatchable. I have been tweaking a few
> settings here and there but I thought I'd ask from more experience
> users out there.
> A few settings that I am using now,
>  * -vo xv * -cache 8192
> This is on a old PowerBook G4 500MHz PPC w/512MB RAM. I would think
> this should be fast enough to watch DVDs? Also, I am not running any
> other major applications in the background.

I would guess that a lot depends on the xorg video driver and the video
card in that box.  If it will do any hardware mpeg
conversion/scaling/whatever then it should be fast enough but if it
doesn't then you're relying on the CPU to do all the work and it may not
be up to it.  I've never run an apple so I don't know about the drivers.

What does top show?  If any of the resources are heavily used it could
induce latency that shows up as video artifact.


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