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Re: How to force update second DNS server

On 07.08.07 10:42, x3n wrote:
> Normally your secondary NS should synchronize by itself after a  
> certain amount of time. The problem for the slave NS is to know about  
> changes. In your primary NS, you can add the "notify yes" command in  
> the zone declaration, so that salve NS (declared in the zone file!)  
> are notified about changes.

> If your slave NS is not declared in the SOA of your zone, you can use  
> the "also-notify x.x.x.x" parameter.

wrong. The notify is usually sent to all servers which have NS record,
except the one in SOA. So, put the name of real master into SOA (even if
it's not accessible from the net). don't put name of any slave to SOA.

You can of course override these settings with "notify (yes|no|explicit)"
and also-notify settings in BIND config.

> After doing this, the secondary should synchronise as soon as the  
> master has reload the updated zone. If it's not the case, you should  
> have a careful look to the serial number...

... which is a thing people use to forget and then they wonder why it
doesn't work...
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