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does anyone know backup system using inotigy ?


frequently i need to do backup so i choose cron to do so (just a tar command).
but most of the time it is the file wasn't changed so i search for a way that a backup will be insiated by a change to file (touch).
at first i thought about a program that will cheack the status of the file (stat()) and if the info had been changed then it till backup it .
then i realized that i can't work like that (since you never now when excatly it has been done) and more to be effective you need to do lots of read calls.

i googled and found inotify (not sure that is the right solution).
will it be called on a change or it will be just as any other deamon that runs in the memory .

anyway if it is working only when data is changed then is there a program that will be called (like im asking in this mail).

thnx in advance

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