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Re: bash, xbindkeys and dual screen

On 9/27/07, Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com> wrote:

a tiling WM is a WM that "tiles" the windows. That is, the windows
don't overlap, but rather occupy as much space as possible and are
laid out on the screen like tiles. wmii is one of the many tiling
WM's. It works by assigning the maximum amount of space to a window
and automatically sizing the window to that space. So with one window
open, it gets the full screen automatically. With two, they share the
screen more or less equally (that's configurable), splitting the
screen horizontally. You can add more windows as desired and the
others will all resize and adjust automatically to make the most of
available screen. You can shift windows into separate columns so that
one window gets full screen height on, say, the left 2/3's of the
screen while the others share the remaining 1/3 of the screen.

Oh, that is a nice feature that I do not know of.

> For my setup: I have one flat monitor (main monitor) and another monitor is
> TV, and I want to watch movies on TV and work on another monitor, and that I
> do not want my mouse bothers the TV when viewing movies, that is why I setup
> so that the mouse can not move from one monitor to another (the mouse is
> bounded as normal monitor).

okay, that makes sense.

> Another advantage, I "think" but have not tried
> (will try it soon), is that if you have two mice and two keyboards, you can
> work on one monitor when your child is playing game on another monitor. Two
> separately working desktop with one CPU is cool, right?

Kent West does this and calls it dual-seat. search the archives for
his insights on doing this.

Yes, dual-seat is what I need, and I find it very convenient and powerful.

> > I am running xinerama and that combines my two screens into one large
> > one. The mouse flows effortlessly from one to the other. I find it
> > works very well with a tiling WM (wmii here) and just love it. What do
> > you find to be the advantages/disadvantages to have two truly separate
> > screens?

Now you have a sense of why I need dual-seat. What about your setup of xinerama? What do you find it to be advantages to dual-screen? Actually I fried xinerama before, but the mouse problem bothered me a lot so that I switched to dual-screen.


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