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Re: Debian may lose a user

Mike McCarty wrote:
So, please don't take
this as a complaint from me, as it isn't. I'm simply informing
the Debian forum of a situation.

Wow. Mike takes the time to offer a common courtesy of informing the Debian community of how it's being perceived by Jane Average Girlfriend, and the community jumps all over him about various aspects.

Folks! Don't read stuff between the lines that isn't there! Just take in the information. I daresay Mike is quite aware that we're a volunteer community that doesn't guarantee support, and that he's quite aware of distros like Ubuntu, etc. Like he said, he's not complaining, or asking for help, or asking for information; he's just saying that we have room for improvement. Granted, most of us know this, but unless you're thin-skinned (which sure seems to be the case) or being charged by the byte (yes, I know there are some of you out there), his email post doesn't hurt anyone, and it might actually serve as a reminder to go that extra mile to help keep the next waffling girlfriend (mmm-mm-mm, waffles .... and girlfriends ... yowsa!) in the Debian camp (mm-mm-mm, camping with girlfriends ..., "and in the mornin', I'm makin' waffles!").

Mike. I get it. I appreciate your information.


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