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sarge with 2.6.13 ISO?

Dear List,

For a client I need to install Sarge on a server. This needs to be
Sarge since their Live server is also running Sarge, and upgrading to
Etch is not an option right now.

However, this new server has a new Intel chipset with an E1000 netwerk
card (GB). I found out here that I need kernel 2.6.13 for that:

That page also describes a lengthy process to build a Sarge system
rather from a seperate disk or using another PCI network card.

Since I do not have physical access that road is a no-go right now. I
can only have the ISP drop in a CD for me, and they can burn them from

Is there anyone aware of a ISO image with Sarge on 2.6.13 or newer kernels?

Or any other creative ideas? I'm quickly running out of options here..
Any help more than greatly appreciated!


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