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Could somebody PLEASE help with an Alsa problem?

I've been struggling with this for days without getting anywhere. I've 
done endless searches and made some previous postings without any 
useful results.

Debian Testing up to date as of today.
Kernel plus alsa modules

What is really irritating is that if I boot the same machine using a 
Knoppix v5 live CD it all works properly.

Playback seems to work but recording does not.

If I record my voice using the microphone the result is of rather low 
volume accompanied by an obvious hiss or hum and something that sounds 
like a motorbike engine.

If I try to record using my USB record turntable with Audacity the 
resulting sound is very choppy but Knoppix does it perfectly.

I noticed that when using Knoppix the sound devices listed in Audacity 
are /dev/dsp, dsp1 and dsp2 but running my normal operating system I 
get names like 'ALSA: HDA Intel ALC882 Analog (hw:0,0)'

Can anyone suggest a course of action?

Barry Samuels
The Unofficial Guide to Great Britain

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