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nvidia driver and dual core CPUs


My system is Debian GNU/Linux Etch, with linux-image-2.6.18-5-686.

I have CPU LGA775, Intel Core 2 Duo E 6320,
and I use nvidia driver to get X Window system
with my MSI nVidia NX7600GT-T2D256E PCI-E video card.

The X randomly freeze so I start to search the cause of that problem
on the Internet.

I find an open issue here:

that indicates that maybe this is the cause of my problem.

Here I red this on the 3. page:
There may be intermittent application compatibility issues with dual core CPUs.

If you experience this issue, first make sure you have downloaded and
installed the dual core  patches from your CPU manufacturer and from
Microsoft. The Microsoft knowledge base article is available

If you still experience problems you can attempt to work around these
by toggling off
 NVIDIA's multithread optimizations using the following instructions:
 1 Launch regedit and ...
 2 Look in
     where ...
 3 Open the 0000 directory and ...
     This will disable multithreading in the driver for all OpenGL
 4 If you want to disable driver multithreading for all Direct3D applications­
     In the same 0000 directory, create ...

I don't know whereof told abowe but I think that that I shell to pass
a kernel parameter in the grub menu.lst to disable multithreading in
the driver for all OpenGL applications, right?

How can I do that on my system?

Are there some patches for the dual core CPU for the linux-image-2.6.18-5-686?

Any advices will be appreciated!

Regards, Paul Csanyi

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