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Re: Disk usage


I guess minor problem of mixing 1000 base and 1024 base units has been
pointed but the difference is not about 3%.  But 9.7GB vs 17GB used.

I tried it myself :-)

In my case, "du -hs /" is about 28G while "df -h" is about 18G for / and 11GB on /mnt.
In your case "du..."   is about 10G while "df..." is about 17G (in 18GB partition). 

> Why is du telling me that I'm using 9.7G of the disk while df says I'm using 
> over 17G? 

That is strange.

Can you check using command I used?

Did you resize partition lately?

What is the output of "mount"?

Anyway, if df is correct, your system is too full.  How about cleaning
garbage files and try rebootning system?

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