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Re: Linux Printer Sharing

On Sep 15, 2007, at 1:03 PM, Andrew J. Barr wrote:

On 9/15/07, ArcticFox <genkokitsu@insightbb.com> wrote:
Ok, I've done that but my mac can't seem to find the printer. I've got
a message asking me for the 'Device URI' and I have no idea what it's
looking for.

In recent releases of CUPS, you can navigate to localhost:631 using
the web browser on the server machine, select "Administration" and
then select the option for sharing printers over the local network.

This makes adding the printer to client machines really easy. It
should Just Work in GNOME, probably Mac OS X too, and Windows can do
the same thing if you install the Bonjour for Windows package from

I did have the Bonjour Printer Wizard on my Windows XP box select a
really odd driver for my LaserJet 1320 (native PCL 6 with PS level 2
emulation), but after manually installing and selecting the native PCL
6 driver from HP, it worked just fine.

I've got the printer setup and I can print from the Linux box, however I still can't get my Mac to print to it. Sending a job just results in getting the message "Printer is busy or unreachable, will try again in 30 seconds."

What should I use as the URI? I can't find a hint anywhere.

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