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Re: I hate Alsa [Solved]

Barry Samuels wrote:

> Further to my previous posting I have, at last, got sound recording
> from a microphone working properly again.
> I don't, however, dislike Alsa any less because I don't know exactly
> what I did to put it right.
> I had already run alsaconf twice before posting but tried it again for
> a third time. There was no indication of any change. I then ran
> alsamixergui and tried altering the levels of some of the controls.
> There are 25 sliders on alsamixergui which gives a very large number of
> combinations.

I recently came to know that alsaconf is outdated in 2.6 kernels. You have
to use udevtrigger instead of alsaconf. See #430624, #432678 for more info.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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