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Re: how to compile a xen dom0 kernel the debian way

On 09/09/2007 Andy Smith wrote:
> Hi Jonas,

Hey Andi,

> > i would like to give xen a try, but i didn't manage to compile a dom0
> > host kernel yet.
> Do you need to?  What is wrong with Debian's xen kernels?

I don't think that there's anything wrong with debian's default kernels,
but I always use a selfcompiled kernel, and I'dd like to learn howto
compile a xen dom0 kernel as well.

Additionally it seems like current debian/unstable has no precompiled
xen dom0 linux-images, at least for amd64 (x86_64):

# apt-cache search linux-image | grep xen

> > that's because i would like to use a recent linux kernel (2.6.20 at
> > least), build it the debian way (with make-kpkg), and as well build
> > some external modules (nvidia-legacy-96xx, ivtv) with module-assistent
> > for it.
> You can't use a kernel.org kernel, as the xen feature is a patch
> developed external to the mainline kernel.

That's clear, but I could use a kernel.org kernel and patch it with the
corresponding xen patch, right?

> You can use the normal Debian kernel source and compile like you
> would normally, making sure to select the xen patch.

Unfortunately, this simply doesn't work. If I run 'make menuconfig' in
debians linux-source-2.6.22 sources, I don't get any xen options in
the submenu 'processor-type and features'.

> > so how do you compile a xen dom0 host-kernel? is it possible with recent 
> > kernel sources, and where do i find the corresponding xen patches?
> They come with Debian's kernel source.

Then maybe they come only for i386? As already written, on my amd64
system, I cannot find any xen options in debians linux-source-2.6.22.


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