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What would *really* help you (was Re: Thinking about ...)

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On 09/05/07 22:39, blues wrote:
> This is where I am up to this point:  I have an IMac running Yellow
> Dog, and an old 733Mhz PC running Knoppix Live, and they are both
> connected to a router via ethernet cables....I also have PCs running
> XP and Vista that I can connect to the router whenever I need to, but
> at the time they are connected wirelessly to the main router in the
> house....I am now going to try to run some of the things suggested
> earlier in this post and read, read ,read....wish me luck!!

Add a 2nd NIC (and wireless card) into your oldest/slowest
(expandable) Linux box and make that into your firewalling router.
(You might have to buy a $50 desktop, though, and make that the router.)

Or if that's not physically possible or maybe too noisy, buy any one
of a number of supporters wifi routers and upgrade it to a fully
functional Linux system.

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