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Re: Rogue Directory

On 09/05/2007 12:03 PM, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> Yesterday I created a new directory on my workstation so I could mount a 
> few NFS mounts on it.  As root, I typed "mkdir /thresh" and it worked, 
> or seemed to.  I realize I didn't actually list it, I just tried 
> mounting the imported filesystems on it and it worked.  Now when I list 
> it, I get:
> ?---------   ? ?    ?        ?                ? /thresh

This appears that your created or possibly the mounted a directory has
some odd permissions - e.g.:

$ mkdir -m600 foo
$ ls -la foo/
total 0
?--------- ? ? ? ?                ? foo/.
?--------- ? ? ? ?                ? foo/..

> What can I do to either delete it (the only data in it is mounted from 
> other systems) or make it usable?

Try unmounting your NFS share and checking permissions/UMASK on both sides.

Kind Regards,
Michael Shuler

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