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Re: upgrading ubuntu to debian

On Thursday 30 August 2007 20:19:06 Britton Kerin wrote:
> I just bought a computer that came with ubuntu and would like to switch
> it to pure debian.  Is there a standard way to do this that someone
> could point me to?
> (Though I will say that little hack where the shell tells you which
>  package a program is in looks pretty cute and helpful :)
> Thanks,
> Britton

There are plenty of messages in this thread to make one think that it is 
possible to convert from Debian to Ubuntu and vice versa, but let me point 
out one thing that many have overlooked.

Since Ubuntu uses sudo for everything, when using programs that require root 
access expect the user password, not the root one.  So if you enable the root 
account, you might think, OK, I need to use the root password here (after all 
early versions of Ubuntu actually asked for the root password) but no, it 
still wants the user password (the first user, who is defined in the sudoers 

AFAIK, gksu and kdesu both act this way, as does the "administrator mode" in 
the GUI apps.   From what I understand, these utilities are hacked to use 

Do yourself a favor and just backup /home and install Debian, then slowly but 
surely copy the files from the backup to the new /home.  Be careful though, 
different versions of some programs have different configurations, and can 
cause problems if you're using a config file for a different version of a 


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