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Re: flac and wav

Adam Hardy wrote:
> Marko Randjelovic on 12/08/07 16:52, wrote:
>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> Hmmm.  I don't know why I automatically assumed (yeah, yeah, I know)
>>> was a Windows app.  :(
>>> Anyway, rezound in Unstable is a beta version (0.12.2beta-10), and
>>> quite an early version.  Maybe that's why there are bugs.  Also, it
>>> seems to use OSS instead of ALSA.  Not encouraging.
>>> I'd look for it's home page on the internet and see how actively
>>> it's developed and what it's future plans are.
>> Rezound is also in Etch, version 0.12.2beta-8 (earlier). Anyway,
>> Audacity should be fine for the purpose.
> Audacity is v1.2.4b-2.1
> Is that not also beta?

It is. I have experienced crashes when I was trying to "repair" some
saturated samples. A series of do's and undo's caused it to crash. Other
than that, it has never crashed.

I frequently use it to process live recordings (label each track, export
each track to flac and to ogg, make CD's from flac (k3b) and put ogg's
on a website). Never crashed during these normal operations. Oh, another
thing. If you choose to "export multiple ..." the various labels, the
resulting windows says "exporting the whole project", which is wrong.
But the exports are correct though.


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