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Re: How to pipe from python script to system process that script starts

Hi there,

> This will be sort of involved....

Why make it involved? :)

> I'm wanting to learn python so ... use a python script to call
> exipick to find all frozen messages in the Exim queue, then feed the
> message id's to something ... so I can look at the message headers.
> ...
> I'm assuming that a pipe is the logical way to do this

As a general point I don't think you should assume the solution,
especially not in the subject line of a mailing list.  Instead, I
think you should explain the issues - I think you might have done
although I'm still a bit unclear about it - and ask for suggestions.
That way you might find that you get more and more useful responses,
and people searching the archives later will have more chance to
profit from the correspondence.

> So far I've coded everything as process oriented rather than object
> oriented as that is what I am familiar with, but I'm beginning to
> believe that using classes is probably the way to go

I'm not sure that I understand any of that.  Maybe what you really
want is "Inter-Process Communication" or IPC for short.  A bit of
Googling should get you going in short order but you might find these
links useful:




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