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pkg download using apt-get - but the gcc didn't bring crt1.o


After I did install Debian using DVD set from CheapBytes,
I found that the gcc is not installed. Looking around what's
the best way to install gcc, I found the 'apt' and did install
the gcc using 'apt-get install gcc', which asked to mount the
DVD1 and then the gcc installation was completed.

But then using the gcc complains that the loader cannot
find the crt stuffs - particular, the crt1.o & crti.o in the gcc
library. This is strange as the library contains crtStart.o &
crtEnd.o, but no crt1.o (nor crt0.o either). The host/target
is AMD64 and I wonder if the loader/gcc are not in sync
or if the gcc installation was not done properly (somehow
the required crt lib module were not installed).

The other question is whether this binary install for the latest
Debian is ever possible and supported - or do I need a GNU
gcc-src download to build my own ?

Debian is the latest version built on July and the gcc is 4.2.1

Any help will greatly be appreciated,

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