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nvidia-glx redux...

I am also still having problems getting nvidia-glx to work under Etch with latest updates. nv works fine (but no glx...). I've checked my apt-sources list and made sure that the appropriate drivers are pointing to the appropriate version.

I've edited the xorg.conf file back and forth several times (usually manually changing 'nv' to 'nvidia' and back again when glx couldn't load) and checked the previous thread for help (read the man pages and other docs.)

Unfortunately, none of it helped. I'm running a GeoForce FX 5500 on an AMD Duron (1.3G) but using the i386 stock kernel. Does this have anything to do with my problem (i.e. do I need to upgrade the kernel to i686 or k7?). Note that glx worked fine before last xorg up-dates.

Or do I need to downgrade xorg to its previous version?

Thank you for the help. I was using Ubuntu the past couple of years and I think it made me lazy (I went back to straight Debian this summer).

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