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Re: workaround for: xterm won't start on AMD K6 with stock 2.6.22-1-486 kernel

On 09/03/2007 12:56 AM, Paul Scott wrote:
Takehiko Abe wrote:

Note that I've never had to do it myself.  My /etc/fstab on a Sarge
system has this entry:

    none    /dev/pts    devpts    gid=5,mode=620    0    0
I will try putting this in my fstab after I send this email.
But my lenny box does not have it. I don't know who mounts devpts for
me on lenny (perhaps it's udev but I'm not sure.)
This still leaves the mystery of how it happened and whether the fstab
entry is the correct Debian solution for sid.

I suspect not, but I don't use Sid. Both my Sarge and Etch systems mount /dev/pts through startup scripts in /etc/rcS.d.

Sarge uses S02mountvirtfs, and Etch uses S04mountdevsubfs.sh.

Probably there's a bug in one of Sid's startup scripts.

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