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Problems regarding sound

        I am using Debain Etch on my Acer laptop and it was running
fine till the sound stopped working suddenly. I was playing a movie on
VLC player and in the middle it just stopped working. After that I
cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp
but I didnt get any sound.
I checked that my user was in the group audio and the above command
didn't give anything as root too.

I checked with alsamixer and nothing was muted. I ran alsaconf which
ran successfully but still nothing. Even after rebooting nothing

Please note I did no upgrade or package install when this problem
occured. It just stopped in the middle.
I checked to see if the sound-card had shorted out and so I ran Ubuntu
7.04 Live CD and I got the startup sounds in that.

Please suggest what should I do

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