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Re: Amarok + mp3 embedded album art

koffiejunkie wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm seeing a strange issue. I was busy sorting my music collection, fixing tags with easytag (1.99.13-0.0 from debian-multimedia), and adding album art to the files (embedded).

Then, I noticed that Amarok (1.4.4-4) displays garbled image art. I'm not enitrely sure if Amarok is feeding me rubbish, or is Easytag not saving the files correctly? Amarok displays the embedded album art from .m4a files correctly.

Some more info on this - it does appear to be Amarok's fault. I installed Rhythmbox and it was able to read the files and display the album art just fine.

I tried rolling amarok back to the version that comes with etch, but that didn't help. I suspect that whatever amarok uses to read/understand that part of the mp3 file is at fault. Does anyone know what amarok uses?


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