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Re: Shut down or leave on?

> Leave it on! Set your screen saver to blank the screen to save your
> monitor and that will save power.

Or, simply turn the monitor off when not using the PC, but leave the
PC on. That's what I do.
Screensavers nowadays are more of an art/whim than a necessity. That
didn't use to be the case, though, with older monitors, which could
suffer screen burn-in.

> The most common failure mode of drives is bearing failure. When you keep
> them on and spinning they are warm and happy. When you turn them off

Agree with you there.

> As for the environment, it will be much happier if you don't use battery
> operated devices, use nuclear or hydro generated electricity, and only
> travel by shanks mare (walking).

Or use public transportation. Besides, my feet hurt ;). And use
rechargeable alkaline batteries
instead of disposables.

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