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Network problem.

Hi Guys,
   I'm relatively new to Linux... I installed Debian 4.0 on my PC (I also have XP and 2000) on my system. Today morning I could finally configure things right and could connect to the internet(I'm using a broadband connection - Sify)... but then something went wrong with my network slot and there was no network detected on any of my OSs, I changed the network cards slot and things work fine on Windows XP and 2000; however, despite configuring the network card (I entered the static Ip, gateway,netmask, primary and secondry dsn); I can assure you that the config is proper; I am unable to even ping the server... when i ping i get 90+% loss of packets.
   Could anyone please advise me? Many thanks to all in advance.
Yazad Khambata.

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