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Re: upgrading ubuntu to debian

Britton Kerin wrote:
> I just bought a computer that came with ubuntu and would like to switch
> it to pure debian.  Is there a standard way to do this that someone 
> could point me to?

While this is not a "standard" method I think 'debtakeover' is quite a
clever method and should work.  Here is an announcement of it quite
some time ago.


That was back in 2004 and it would almost certainly need updating
today for Etch.  But I did use this back then and it was impressively
able to do an in place conversion from one distro to another for me
with only minor issues remaining after the conversion.  It was quite
useful to get to that point.

> (Though I will say that little hack where the shell tells you which 
>  package a program is in looks pretty cute and helpful :)

Hmm...  To what are you referring?  One of these?

  dpkg -S /bin/cat

  dlocate /bin/cat



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