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Re: Asking about installation Debian Linux

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
On Fri, Aug 31, 2007 at 02:17:10AM +0200, ??!? Jansen wrote:
Several days ago, I succeded download the DVD version of DVD intel x86 for
Debian Linux and when I wanted to install Linux during the process of
installation I got the problems.
The DVD RW isn't able to be detected. So, from the first step I could not
pass this step that my DVDRW is not detected (I don't know whether it isn't
mounted or not, because I am blank of Linux) I also don't know whether the
DVD RW is non-IDE or non-SCSI CDRom drive or not.
I use Laptop LG E-50 Intel Core Duo T7100 (1.8 GHz), 2048 MB, 160 GB.

I have no idea how to load module and the device to use it. Module manual of
CDROM that I read (such as aztcd,cdrom, cdu31a, cm206, gscd, gscd, isp16,
mcdx, optcd, sbpcd, jscd, sonycd535) are not suitable to mount and detect my
DVDRW for continuing installation the Linux.
even in /dev/ I don't find any hda, hdb, hdc or cdrom... I found ptyp0 -
ptypf, ram0 - ram15, psaux, ppp, null, vcs1-vcsa5, etc

I have read the manual, but I found nothing to solve this problem.
Please help me for solving this matter.

Have you considered the USB-stick hd-media install method from the
installation manual?  Basically, you download a small file that is a
compressed image of a filesystem that you put on a USB stick, then you
copy the netinst.iso file to the stick and boot away.

Even easier, if you've got Windows on the machine, it to visit http://www.goodbye-microsoft.com. No download of a DVD necessary (but you do need a decent Internet connection).

I'm unclear where you're having the problem. I take it that the machine is booting from the DVD properly up to a point, which indicates that the DVD is already recognized, so I'm really confused. Perhaps some more detail would help.


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