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Re: Debian Etch on MacBook

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David Brodbeck wrote:
> On Aug 29, 2007, at 2:53 AM, Mirco Piccin wrote:
>> Hi!
>>     you want to visit
>>     http://wiki.debian.org/MacBook <http://wiki.debian.org/MacBook>
>> Of course, i've already visit that web site (also others.. :-))...
>> But, really my question was more complicated, over the installation ...
>> ... what shall you do, if you could choose between <intel laptop> and
>> <mac intel laptop>?
> I'd be seriously torn.  I like them both a lot.  Personally, I'd lean
> towards the IBM for three reasons:
> - I like eraserhead mice better than touchpads
> - I like three-button mice better than one-button mice.  You can
> simulate three buttons with the Apple's built-in mouse but it's awkward.

You can simply plug a USB tree-buttons mouse on the Mac and you'll be
fine. Works like a charm. Even scroll wheels just work^TM on OS X, so I
guess Linux would not have a problem with using it either.

> - Apple's hardware reliability has not exactly been stellar.  Seems like
> most of my friends who have Apple laptops have had a logic board failure
> at one point or another.  If you do buy the Mac, get an extended
> warranty and you should be OK.

I know of two people with Mac laptops. One is my girlfriend, who's had a
G4 iBook for about four years without a single hardware OR software
poblem whatsoever. The other one is my sister, with a year-old Intel
MacBook, that has not yet had any faults either.

These seem (at least to me) to be some of the most solid computers
around. Not to mention that it's really nice that in the newer models,
both the lid closure and the power cord have magnets instead of
mechanical locks. You close the lid and it just snaps closed. To open,
there are no buttons attached to hooks to keep it closed.

Not to mention that the MacBooks are also slim and light. AND their
CD/DVD drives are not of the shelfe type. You just stick the media in it
and it pulls it in. Just like an in-car CD player. Cool.

> OS X is really, really nice, but it sounds like you plan to run Linux on
> it anyway, so that doesn't really enter the picture.

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