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Re: Good fdisk Practices

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On 08/24/07 12:51, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>> I'm a big proponent of swap *files*.  Once you allocate the whole
>>> disk, there no room left over if you want to add another swap
>>> partition, whereas you can add as many swap files as your heart
>>> desires, whenever you need them.
>> I'd always heard that swap files are slower than swap partitions.  Is  that
>> a myth?
>> Also, is there any good reason to have a separate /boot on a modern  system?
>> I always thought /boot was just a kludge to get around old  BIOSes that
>> couldn't load anything that wasn't on the first part of  the disk.  I tend
>> to just combine /boot and / on my newer systems --  
>> am I taking some kind of risk by doing so?
> All my drives have 2 partitions: a /boot (with ext2 or ext3) of about 100MB
> and the rest is an partition dedicated to LVM.  The reason for the separate
> /boot is that GRUB does not know how to read files from LVM volumes, so
> I need to load the kernel and initrd files from an ext[23].  Everything else
> (/, /home, swap, etc..) is placed in LVM volumes.

I read recently on this list that LVM is not portable across CPU
architectures, so that you can't just upgrade your mobo to AMD64 and
retain your /home.

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