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Re: Mdadm won't rebuild a RAID5

also sprach Hal Vaughan <hal@thresholddigital.com> [2007.08.21.0003 +0200]:
>    Any suggestions or warnings from others so I can make sure this doens't
>    happen again are appreciated. Remember, the two drives I've already
>    removed that mdadm had said were bad have tested out as fine. I suspect
>    it's more an issue with this system losing power and the RAID not being
>    unmounted properly, but I'd think it should be able to handle that.

If the RAID was degraded (2/3 drives) *and* the power lost, mdadm
won't assemble it without you forcing it to (see README.recipes).

>    [root@archive:root]$ smartctl -l error
>    bash: smartctl: command not found
>    Is there a problem with that, or could that be part of the issue?

apt-get install smartmontools

then try again. And enable smartd to check your drives continuously.

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