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Re: Mdadm won't rebuild a RAID5

also sprach Hal Vaughan <hal@thresholddigital.com> [2007.08.20.2114 +0200]:
> It did on the first failure.  Then another failed and I turned the 
> machine off.  When I got 2 more drives, I put them in and it rebuilt 
> the array using 3 of the drives with one as a spare.  Then when it 
> failed this time, it had never started rebuilding the spare.

This situation *should* be recoverable. Contact me off-list if you'd
be willing to let me log in as root and have a look.

> I've noticed, though, that on one system I had originally defined the 
> raid using /dev/hde1, hdf1, and so on.  When I tried to rebuild it 
> with /dev/hde, hdf, and so on, it would not rebiuld.

Sure, partitions have different offsets, so the superblock could not
be found.

> > Have you inspected the smartctl output and checked for SMART
> > errors?
> I looked at the logs.  Is this a different output and where would
> I find it?

Are these ATA disks? if so, run smartctl -l error should be pretty

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