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Re: Source of Debian wisdom

Mark Neidorff wrote:
Hi all,

Recently I've set up a Debian Etch box which I'm nearly ready to bring up full time (currently using a different distribution...been a linux user for over 10 years).
Here's an example of what this message is about:
I've been reading the debian-user list for a bit, and I've noticed that suggestions given are to use the apt-* suite or aptitude to managing packages. While setting things up (and installing packages) I came across synaptic in the KDE menus. Tried it, and liked using it. So now I'm wondering according to Debian Wisdom (no disrespect intended to anyonne) which is the preferred way of installing software? More generally, is there a document/web page that explains what are the preferred packages and what is the "Debian Way" of doing things.

I use synaptic almost all the time on Sid. It's a desktop machine,
so I have a desktop, and most of the time it's OK. Yes, for the same
reason explained elsewhere, sometimes it wants to remove half the
machine, but it's easy enough to find the culprit and leave it for a
while. A few days later, all will be well. Sometimes, even updating
blocks of things in a particular order sorts that out.

But every now and then, being Sid, it needs the Big Hammer. Something
gets stuck, even apt-get won't fix it, and some brutal surgery with
dpkg --force-xxx on the CLI is necessary. Don't forget dpkg.

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