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Re: vim & kde questions

Mark Neidorff wrote:
Hi all,

After using another distribution for over 12 years, I've decided to give Debian Etch a good try. I've now got the luxury of having a second computer to try things on, so I've installed Debian on that and hope to move everything else over shortly. Right now, I've got two annoyances that I'd like to solve.

First...vim. (Yeah, I'm old school) OK. I'm in text entry mode and I want to navagate up/down/left or right. If I press an arrow key, a new line is opened and a character ("B" or "D" or ...) is put in the first position of that line. If I switch to navagation mode, then the arrow keys work properly. Am I dealing with a vim problem, a terminal problem or a keyboard mapping/character set problem? Whichever it is, how do I solve it?

Dunno, I don't see that kind of behavior from my Vim...

Second...kde. I like KDE. When I saw the first versions, I thought it was great. Moved me away from pure terminals in a hurry. Now that I'm using the newest version, its got an annoyance that I'd like to shut off. Whenever I put a CD or DVD in the CD/DVD drive, I get a pop up menu on the screen asking me what I'd like to do now. To me, that's an annoyance and a waste of CPU cycles that I'd like to get rid of, but I couldn't find an option in the KDE configuration to turn that off. How do I turn off the looking for a CD/DVD in the drive?

Control Center -> Peripherals -> Storage Media <Klikketyklik>


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