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scp non-overwrite option


  I was trying to scp a large directory from server to my box (server on
FC and my desktop on etch). I use scp -r option to copy all the files.
But when it happens that the scp fails somewhere, i cannot ask it to
continue by omitting the ones it has already copied. For example in the 
standard cp command, i can give a '-i' option to interactively ask if
the command is going to overwrite a file already present. Why is this
option not present in scp ? 

PS: I did a workaround by setting the already copied files as r--------
which helps by not allowing scp to overwrite the file, but just curious
if there is any other proper method to do this.
Bhasker C V
Registered Linux user: #306349 (counter.li.org)
The box said "Requires Windows 95, NT, or better", so I installed Linux.

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