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Re: Debian Linux in Chroot

I have also thought heavily about doing this sort of thing, for developing and 
testing and such. My understanding is that there would be very close to 
having two differant GNU/Linux operating systems running at once, but using 
only one kernel. Once inside the chroot, BASH would be using tools 
from /linux2/usr/bin, is that correct?

My understanding of chroot is extremely limited, right now. I have searched 
around, but can anyone point me to anything specific that they know to be a 
good tutorial/explanation or how chroot works and what its capabilities are?

On Tuesday 31 July 2007 7:15 am, koffiejunkie wrote:
> Masatran, R. Deepak wrote:
> > I have two Linux installations in my hard drive, and I want to modify
> > Linux-2 from Linux-1, using Chroot. Basically "dpkg-reconfigure" and
> > similar stuff. How do I tell DPKG of Linux-2 to not disturb the daemons
> > that are running in Linux-1?
> Say you are booted into Linux1, and linux 2 is mounted at /linux2, you
> need to do this (assuming they are both recent distrobutions):
> mount -t proc proc /linux2/proc
> chroot /linux2
> then inside the chroot, whatever you do should not disturb what's
> cooking in Linux-1
> Remember to unmount proc from Linux-2 after leaving the chroot.

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