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Re: Asus P5K WS motherboard / Marvell IDE - CDrom not detected by installer

On Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 03:55:18AM -0800, Mike Messick wrote:
> I'm using the latest debian-testing-amd64-businesscard installer on an
> Asus P5K motherboard with an ICH9 Southbridge and  Marvell 88SE61xx SATA /
> PATA chipset.  I'm using an HP dvd1040i CDrom drive for installation.
> The installer boots fine but cannot find any cdrom device to use.  When I
> look at dmesg, I get the following output relating to the ide devices: 

[snip dmesg]

> an lspci yields the following IDE devices:

[snip lspci]
> So it looks like my 2 hard drives are showing up just fine, but I'm fairly
> clueless as to why the kernel (2.6.21-2-amd64) isn't finding the CDrom
> drive.
> I've verified that the Marvell IDE/eSATA controller is enabled in the BIOS
> as well (hence the initial booting of the installer CD).
> I'm hoping someone on the list can point me in the right direction; if
> this isn't the appropriate list then please accept my apologies for the
> noise.

Its not noise.  However, check out the installation manual.  It tells
you how to submit an installation report via the BTS with email to
bugs.debian.org to the (I think) installation-reports psudo-package.

The 'maintainer' for the reports is the debian-boot team who write the

I would suggest that you subscribe to debian-boot, follow the
instructions in the manual and submit an installation report.  Since
they know how the installer works, they can be of more specific help.
They certainly were when I was in your shoes 8 months ago.

Good luck,


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