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Re: How Debian BTS and its tools can be improved (user poll).

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> 1) In http://www.debian.org/Bugs/ , I would like to see an option to search
> just within the title of the bug reports.

In my experience, the titles of bug reports are often useless.

There is, however, a full-text search of the BTS available here:

> 2) If I report a bug, I would automatically like to be subscribed to it so
> that I receive all the future communications. Currently let's say I report
> a bug. Then if the maintainer replies only to the bug report, I have no way
> of knowing about it unless I manually subscribe to that bug number.
> Manually subscribing to each bug report you submit is tiresome.

I agree.

> 3) If I report a bug, I want to see it immediately in bugs.debian.org and
> not after some 20 minutes delay. (that's way it works with other bug
> reporting systems, ex:- kde, gcc bug reporting systems)

Well, it used to be an average of a 15 minute delay. Now the average is
2 minutes.

see shy jo

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