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Re: Why stunnel3?

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Bob Proulx:
> > vince wrote:
> > > Two versions of stunnel are available - stunnel3 and stunnel4.  Normally
> > > I would expect the higher numbered version to be the most recent and
> > > better supported version.
> > 
> > Agreed.  But this is up to the package maintainer.  You might want to
> > file a BTS requesting it.
> It is NOT A BUG!

The BTS is more than simply a bug tracker.  It also tracks issues and
enchancement requests.  Really it is an all around knowledge database.

When requests are filed in the BTS they are usually marked as
'wishlist'.  Whether a wishlist is a bug or an enhancement request
does not really matter and both can be tracked in the BTS.


    for any feature request, and also for any bugs that are very
    difficult to fix due to major design considerations.

I don't think that all inconveniences that might be filed as a
wishlist make sense.  I think frivolous use of wishlists just add
clutter.  But I think the circumstances here make this a valid item.

In any event getting the package maintainer involved would be a good
thing.  I recommend sending them email.

> This is a compatibility issue and if the Maintainer build
> "stunnel4" it would break all existing scripts/programs

The typical thing to do is to transition such that the default name
without a number is the default version and legacy versions contain a
specific version number.  That would preserve present installations
that are currently using stunnel version 3 and prevent breaking them.
I realize that saying this is simple and in practice there may be
technical problems with accomplishing the task but it has often been
done in the past regardless.

Note that upstream recommends moving to version 4 when possible.


  Stunnel-3.x is no longer under development, however we will continue
  to provide bugfixes as needed. All new development is on Stunnel-4.x,
  so you should switch to the new version when possible.

It is certainly possible to use version 4.  Debian packages stunnel 4.
It is just slightly less convenient to need to know the issues and to
select stunnel4 instead of stunnel.  Because the default appears to be
version 3 questions arise such as which version is recommended.  In
this case I think stunnel4 is clearly the better of the two available

> So "stunnel3" is a compatibility wraper to "stunnel4"

When you say "stunnel3" to what are you referring?  I see no package
by that name.  I would like to see the 'stunnel' package transitioned
to be 'stunnel3' in the future but at this time it does not exist.
The 'stunnel' package that I see in Debian is not a compatibility
wrapper to 'stunnel4'.  It really is version 3.


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