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Re: xen, raid and initramfs failure

also sprach Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com> [2007.07.10.1908 +0200]:
> which is sort of vague. the examples further down the manpage do
> not make use of level= at all to provide a reference. 

Yes, I saw this.

> I think the two items taken together rather strongly imply that if
> one uses the level= option in mdadm.conf that the 'raid' is not
> required. I think it also implies that sourcing the level= option
> in mdadm.conf as a way to determine the required modules for the
> initramfs may not be valid, but my bash-foo is not up to snuff and
> I can't really tell what hooks/mdadm does in anything more than
> a general way. There may be no other good way to tell which
> modules are needed and just cramming all of them in the image is
> obviously a less-than-ideal solution. 

Good point. Could I convince you to create a bug report against
mdadm so that I can address this in future uploads?


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