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Re: RAID5 on S5000PSL ServerBoard

On Monday 09 July 2007 10:47, Roland Carlin wrote:
> I would like to install Debian on a Intel S5000PSL device with the RAID
> config described below.
> I cannot find any pilot for the RAID system.
> Could anyone help me with this ?

Do you really want to use hardware RAID?  Note that if your hardware RAID
controller dies, you're going to need a compatible replacement or you'll
lose all of your data.  If your hardware RAID controller is on your
motherboard, then any motherboard failure loses all your data unless you
can find a compatible replacement motherboard.  Hardware RAID often makes
data less secure, not more secure.

In most cases, software RAID is much more reliable and, with the exception
of resyncs, just as fast.

--Mike Bird

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