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Re: Submit bug reports to Debian or upstream project?

On 07/07/2007 10:50 AM, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Glen Pfeiffer wrote:
>> Is it preferable to submit a bug report to Debian or to the 
>> upstream project? Assume it is not a Debian only package, like 
>> GNOME for example.
> This is a judgement call on your part.  If you have good detail about
> the problem and are confident that it is actually an upstream bug then
> by all means report it upstream.  If you can provide a patch for it
> against upstream sources then all the better and the more likely it
> will be to be fixed sooner.
> Another reason to report bugs to the Debian package is if the version
> in the upstream is much later than the version in the software
> distribution.  For example Debian Stable by design will be stable and
> will not change until the next release.  This design brings huge
> benefits to users of Debian Stable.  Stable is not the bleeding edge.
> Stable is stable!  But it is also a point of contention with some
> upstreams (e.g. Mozilla) and upstream will denigrate a distribution
> with a stable release when the upstream does not believe in stable
> releases.  When the upstream only believes that everyone should use
> the beeding edge it is best to report bugs to the package maintainer.
Thank you. That was a great answer, and I really appreciate it. 


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