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Re: WPA support for ipw2200?

On Sat, 07 Jul 2007 10:50:53 -0700, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:

> I can't locate a good how-to for implementing WPA support in Etch or
> Lenny, and IIRC the gnome network manager doesn't support WPA. How are
> people making this work? Is there an up-to-date how-to somewhere that I
> haven't been able to find?

wpa configuration is done thru iwpriv (a few cards) or wpa_supplicant
(most of the cards, including ipw2200). Install wpa_supplicant, read its
man page. You can use wpa_cli (terminal) or wpa_gui (X) or simply
modify /etc/network/interfaces (this is the new Debian way to
configure wpa, rather than the old one which was ton modify

Here is an excerpt from my /etc/network/interfaces:

auto eth1
        iface eth1 inet static
        wireless-essid  HERE_MY_ESSID
        wpa-driver      wext
        wpa-ssid        HERE_MY_ESSID
        wpa-proto       WPA
        wpa-key-mgmt    WPA-PSK
        wpa-pairwise    CCMP
        wpa-group       CCMP
        wpa-psk         "HERE_MY_Pre-shared-key_(PSK)"

This is for a wpa lan whith a pre-shared key and CCMP (AES) encryption.
You will find more details in wpa_supplicant man page.

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