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Re: [SOLVED] Re: Installing a JRE plug-in

andy wrote:
> That was a useful overview to alternatives: I wasn't aware of that, and 
> how (seemingly) prevalent it is with Debian. Wouldn't you guess it ... 
> yep, when I run I am showing manual. I've corrected that now to auto.

Note that Red Hat is now using a forked copy of the alternatives too.
They use it for different reasons and for different commands.  But it
is spreading beyond the Debian distro.

> I also note from Jeff's post that the site I was using to test this with 
> threw up the same response to his testing, so that increases the 
> likelihood of it being a site issue.

I should have added previously that if Java shows up as installed in
"about:plugins" as suggested by Jeff that I would trust that list.  If
you see Java there then I would assume that it is installed and
working.  If you don't then the opposite and it really is not
installed in a way that iceweasil can find it.  But I think it is
installed okay in your case.


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